The Voice Movement

A Divine Agenda

The Voice Movement

The Voice Movement is a multi-faced Non-profit Organization whose main activities include

  1. Raising prophetic leaders for this generation.
  2. Being ‘The Voice’ for future and current affairs.
  3. Mass Civic Educators for institutions, governments and corporate s.
  4. Holding Conferences, providing Strategy, Consultancy, and Motivational speaking across the globe.
  5. Empowerment of the present generation to serve their purpose.


The Executive director, Bishop Julius Mbagaya has over 30 Years experience serving communities through Training, Preaching, Teaching and motivational speaking at various levels both Nationally and Internationally. Bishop Mbagaya has vast experience serving as an accountant, a Teacher, a Musician, a Youth mentor, a Pastor, a Legal Advisor, Chief of Staff, a Member of boards of various institutions and a Politician.
BISHOP MBAGAYA - the prince
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