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The River Houses

The Voice Movement has a Vision to establish non-denominational Worship and Healing centers across Africa whenever need arises. These centers will be referred to as River Houses or PROPHETIC POWER BASES

During the River House meeting in Saluda, USA in March 2017

Schools of Prophets

These are schools set up to train prophets and prepare prophetic bands to hear and speak to their nations and generations.

Voice of Prophets

The voice of prophets is

  1. A conference that gathers trained prophets and their students to speak to the nations, communities, individuals, and generations.
  2. It is media broadcasts that present God’s voice to the Nations.

The Abigails

This is a ministry of Lady Jane Mbagaya whose main goal is to bring out the Beautiful and Intelligent Woman that resides in every Daughter of God.

The Leadership Institute

  1. We prepare the youth for leadership
  2. We prepare Christians for market place leadership.
  3. We train serving leaders to be effective and effiicient.
The Mbagaya's with Cliff snd Victoria Krynocks

Global Outreach Services

We help meet diverse human needs at different levels and capacity

Save Africa

Providing support for Widows, Orphans and children vulnerable to poverty

Lighthouse Team Ministries

This is the place for diverse ministries and the home Church for Bishop Julius Mbagaya and his family.

Lighthouse stands on four main pillars;

  1. The Universality and Unity of the Ekklesia
  2. The return of Kingship anointing to the Ekklesia
  3. The celebration of the Feasts of the Lord
  4. The Establishment of Godly Families for the strength of Nations.

Lighthouse Ministries is currently under the able Leadership of

Bishop Timothy Kareithi and his Wife Sally, together with Pastors Simion and Clara Wambua. Pastors Ken and Jacinta Liambila among other anointed leaders.


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